Origin: Solarcity
Material: European standard imported components
Capacity: 320 liters
Warranty: 10 years

20.050.000 17.999.000

Thanh toán ngay

Solar  water heater system of 32 0 l with few  flat panels Solarcity   operates on the principle of natural thermal convection, taking advantage of the high absorption of solar energy through toughened glass with a lens-like structure. Increase heat absorption efficiency.

Information on Solar Water Heater 32 0 Liter  Flatcity Solarcity 

⊹   Insulation tank: 
– 304 stainless steel hairline shell is super durable, high aesthetics.
– The bottle has a good tightness that extends the time to keep the temperature up to 96 hours.
Bảo Insulated    bottle: 
– Bowel made from durable 304 stainless steel, resistant to all elements of water corrosion.
Nhiệt   Thermal collectors: 
– Manufactured using advanced European technology, the ability to heat water quickly.
– Tempered glass against impact (hail) to protect the product in all bad weather conditions.
– Tempered glass has a lenticular structure that enhances heat absorption.
– The bottom insulation layer increases the heating effect.
– Flat plate frame: Frame made of durable aluminum alloy.
– Brackets: Made of 201 super strong stainless steel box.

The benefits of using solar water heaters tr ời  warm flat SolarCity

+ ENVIRONMENTAL ENVIRONMENT:  Solarcity solar water heater  products   use natural energy sources that are sunlight so they do not create wastes that affect the environment.

+ SAVE 100% ELECTRICITY:  10VND is the average cost to create 01 liter of hot water when used. With such a low cost, the  solar water heater 320  l with few flat panels Solarcity  is the first choice for the demand of using a large volume of water and often as hotels, restaurants, hospitals … and households.

+ SAFETY WHEN USING:  When using the risk of fire, electric shock is completely removed.


Price list  of solarcity flatcity solar water heater


Product model

Number of users

Unit price

180 liters


5 – 6


320 liters


10 – 12


Note: Solarcity solar water heater has a 10-year warranty on  pipes and components for 1 year

 Price does not include VAT, pipe supplies arise