PWM 10A Solar Charge Controller

PWM 10A charge controller has the function of automatically disconnecting when the battery is full, extending the life of the battery.

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PWM 10A solar charge controller specifications

Model PWM10A
Voltage 12V / 24V
Charging line 10A
Output voltage Optional 12V / 24V according to battery voltage
Efficiency 80% ±  10
Depreciation line 0.6mA
Charging disconnection threshold (Battery is full) Vbatt ≥14.5V ± 2%
Recharge Vbatt ≤ 10.5 V ± 2%
Protection (overload, low battery)  load> 20A Protection by fuse

Vbatt ≤ 10.2V ± 2% Automatically cuts off the output voltage

Size 133 x 70 x 35 (mm)
Weight 0.35kg
Guarantee  06 months