80W Monocrystalline

  • OS-M:36-100W
  • Framed:36-cell module
  • Range:80W


Solar panels are an indispensable component in the overall  solar grid system . The panels are responsible for receiving sunlight and converting solar energy into electricity, which is the source of all the remaining activities of the system .

1.196.000 920.000

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Module TypeOS-M72-320OS-M72-335
Maximum Power(Pmax)320W335W
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp)37.35V37.5V
Maximum Power Current(Imp)8.57A8.94A
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)45.86V46.2V
Short Circuit Current(Isc)8.99A9.42A
Number of Cells72(6*12)72(6*12)
Size of Cells(mm)156*156       156*156
Power Tolerance-0.03
Maximum System Voltage1000VDC

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