Low initial investment costs, quick payback time and absolutely free energy usage The system is fully automated. Installation of the system is quite simple, easy system maintenance.

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At present, our agriculture and forestry system is getting more and more attention and development, many farms are being formed, most of the farms are in areas without electricity, the provision of auxiliary irrigation systems. depending entirely on generators, the use of generators is extremely expensive and harmful to health. According to the research, smoke from generators can cause cancer even causing sudden death, generators always cause noise that affects people’s daily life. that  SolarCity  has successfully designed pumping systems solar energy directly from the sun pump. This is a perfect solution to overcome all shortcomings of the generator system or wind power system using batteries and then ignite.



Solar battery: 800W

Inverter inverter: 0.5Hp

Rocket pump: 0.5Hp



  • Low initial investment costs, fast payback time and absolutely free energy use. You can use it freely without having to pay any cost.
  • Environmentally friendly, absolutely harmless and does not make any noise.
  • The system does not use batteries, so it does not need maintenance after use time.
  • The system operates fully automatically, automatically pumping when there is sunshine and automatically resting when there is no sunlight or at night.
  • Low cost for a system, high system life, high economic efficiency system.
  • Installation of the system is quite simple, easy system maintenance.
  • Using a 3-phase pump so high efficiency, can take advantage of existing customers’ pump, as well as plumbing, deep suction without changing a new pump, just changing 1 phase to 3 phases.
  • The controller uses the most advanced solar technology today, MPPT method to maximize battery performance, Soft start method to help the engine run smoothly and maximum protection of the pump.


How does it work? SOLAR WATER PUMP SYSTEM 

The working principle of the pump is very simple. The electricity collected from the solar battery system  (high voltage DC power) will be fed into the charging controller, which is converted into 3-phase AC, then directly into the pump.



Warranty Policy:

– Energy panels: 10-year technical warranty, 20-year performance, life of 30-50 years.

– INVERTER inverters: 1 year warranty

– Pump:                 1yearwarranty



  • Application for vegetable farms, garden, fruit trees, rubber, cafe, cashew, pepper, dragon fruit, irrigation systems, public grass … areas without electricity and even areas with electricity. replacing the disadvantages of generators when using gasoline with higher and higher costs, environmental pollution as well as reducing the electricity amount every month.


Inverter meind 1500W


Inverter meind 1500W

Application Inverter samyoung 100W


To get the solar power system suitable for your family, please contact us at the address below to get the best advice and price support, we will advise and design. The system conforms to your requirements. In addition, we also receive the design of construction systems, construction of centralized solar power stations for areas without grid electricity such as borders, islands, remote and isolated communes….

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